Celebrating a Year of Umgås: Our Most Popular Stories (10 through 6)

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Celebrating a Year of Umgås: Our Most Popular Stories (10 through 6)

To celebrate our first birthday, we’ll be sharing our Top 10 most popular posts since we launched the site according to you (our viewers). From Americans trying Swedish culture to Swedes in America and more, today we count down from 10 to 6.

  1. Coming in at No. 10 is Americans Try Fika for a Week. Pastries, coffee and a break? Why wouldn’t the Umgås team want to adopt this Swedish tradition and everyday practice. See how it went and what we learned.
  1. Fika was a hit, but not all Swedish snacks were. Americans Try Swedish Snacks includes a video that captures our team’s first time trying Djungelvrål, among other Swedish snacks.
  1. More food, of course! Five Swedish Cooking Websites checks in at No. 8. Swedish pancakes, all the seafood and cardamom rolls. YUM.
  1. Like most animal lovers, dogs are a Swede’s best friend. The Five: Swedish Dog Breeds highlights a variety of Swedish breeds.
  1. Viking Lingerie???!!!! See how Swedish intimate apparel designer, Anton Hörnfeldt, is helping women feel like warriors.

Many thanks to our readers who motivate, inspire and support Umgås magazine. Stay tuned tomorrow for our five most popular stories.

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