Carving out a niche with Polar Skate Co.

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Carving out a niche with Polar Skate Co.

Whether you’re popping ollies in your driveway or taking your tricks to the streets, skate culture is a versatile, international pastime that has a strong foothold in our communities.

The economics of skateboarding should come as no surprise, when skateboarders like Tony Hawk and Ryan Sheckler are celebrities in their own right. With the following skateboarding has amassed, there’s a major market for brands to come in with decks, trucks, merch and more.

Polar Skate Co. Logo
Polar Skate Co.

Enter, Polar Skate Co.

Founded by Pontus Alv, an eccentric savant who famously removed himself from the skating scene by giving a 7,000-word interview, Polar Skate Co., based in Malmö, provides a similar product offering to other skate brands (think hoodies, T-shirts and decks), but it is doing it in a more artful way.

Alv’s impact on the company still can be seen today as Polar continues to produce and embrace cinematic content alongside its merchandise business. We’re not talking about the CKY videos from Bam Margera’s day – we’re talking about artistic, film-noir-inspired works of art…that also happen to incorporate shuvits, kick-flips and backside 360s.

Polar Skate Co. Stenström
Photo from Stenström’s Instagram.

Polar Skate Co. is run by nine skaters who are located around the world, including the States, Australia, France and Sweden. David Stenström and Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg are the two Swedes in the bunch, and unlike typical corporate profiles, Polar likes to focus on its team’s street cred, featuring stunning images of the team skating and linking over to Instagram – where individually, they’ve accumulated quite the following.

In the past, the company has partnered with brands like Converse and Carhartt and most recently, it has launched its American operation.

Polar Skate Co. has a collection of hoodies, jackets, tees, pants and a mix of accessories like belts, hats and bags. It also features a variety of skate decks and hardware, like rails and wheels.

You can check out Polar Skate Co. on Facebook, Instagram and its website.

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