Cake Raider: Happy Birthday Week, Alicia Vikander!

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Cake Raider: Happy Birthday Week, Alicia Vikander!

Our favorite “Tomb Raider” gets to take a break from tombs to raid some cake.

Swedish actress Alicia Vikander celebrated her 31st birthday on Oct. 3. To celebrate, we wanted to remind you why we love her so much. 

She loves to cook and eat.

We’re not sure how she survives Hollywood because we’re thinking, “Girl, same.”

She’s not afraid to bust some moves.

Listen to the woman, Jimmy!

She loves puppies.

Check out the first few seconds of this Buzzfeed interview to see for yourself.

She’s a strong woman.

We are really motived to go to the gym after seeing her – but the couch sounds a lot better.

Her style.


Here’s to you, Alicia! Enjoy your day.

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