Boston Sports Find a Home in Sweden

O’Learys interior, Sweden
Photo: O'Learys Website

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Boston Sports Find a Home in Sweden

Photo: O’Learys website

When Swede Jonas Reinholdsson came to the States he fell in love with one city in particular: Boston. It’s easy to understand why as Boston’s a city full of history, arts and culture and successful sport teams.

Reinholdsson couldn’t leave that culture behind, so he decided to bring what he’d found in Boston back home with him to Sweden. The product was a sports bar called O’Learys that opened in November of 1988 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Just like many Boston restaurants O’Learys has a pub feel, boasting colors like green and red. And most important, it’s covered from nearly top to bottom in Boston sports memorabilia.

The menu matches the feel of the restaurant, offering classic American dishes like hamburgers, chicken wings, fish and chips and even ribs.

O’Learys has grown to more than 100 different locations across Europe and according to its website, the restaurants welcome more than 3 million guests per year.

“Yes, of course we expected a positive reaction, but that it should be such a total success, exceeded all our expectations,” Reinholdsson is quoted as saying on the O’Learys website.

Now, we just need to find out who controls the Bruins’ roster, so we can see about getting a Swede on the team.

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