In Our Birthday Feelings: How We Feel About Turning 4

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In Our Birthday Feelings: How We Feel About Turning 4

It’s crazy to think that we’ve been writing almost a story a day for the past four years. We’ve had the chance to write about everything from actors and musicians to major Swedish businesses and small startups that are just starting to make it.

We like to celebrate all things Swedish-American every day, but when it’s our birthday week, we like to go extra hard. This week, since our readers don’t get to see us, just imagine us looking these like famous Swedes.

Every day walking into the office, because, duh, it’s our birthday week.

Us when we think about having another slice of Princess Cake.

Our team, all week – constant cheers.

Us when we start talking about all the fun articles we’ve had the chance to write.

When the birthday drinks start kicking in.

When a fellow Umgås-er suggests we move the party to the bar.

When we’re still dancing, post bar, and our significant others are ignoring our foolishness.

Skål, y’all. Skål.

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