Bill Skarsgård, Stephen King Back Together In Hulu’s ‘Castle Rock’

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Bill Skarsgård, Stephen King Back Together In Hulu’s ‘Castle Rock’

Bill Skarsgård and Stephen King have reunited in the Hulu’s new thriller “Castle Rock,” which premieres today.

Skarsgård, the Swedish actor who produced chills and rave reviews as Pennywise in King’s blockbuster “It,” is one of the key figures in “Castle Rock.” Although he doesn’t (yet) have a name, some reviewers are calling him “The Kid” and hailing his performance as a creepy inmate at, of all places, Shawshank Prison, a setting King made famous. USA Today calls Skarsgård the “real highlight” and that “he brings the creep factor to ‘Rock,’ with seemingly a long career of villainy ahead of him.

According to Variety, Skarsgård had some reservations about joining the cast of “Castle Rock.” The show started shooting shortly after production finished on “It,” and he wasn’t sure he wanted to go right back into another scary King offering.

We’re glad he did. Even though we agree with E! that Skarsgård is quite hot, he’s the “it” star of creepiness.

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