Old Money Meets New Luxury At Stockholm’s Bank Hotel


Old Money Meets New Luxury At Stockholm’s Bank Hotel

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a night’s stay at one of Stockholm’s newest luxury hotels. Bank Hotel, which opened in August, is the perfect mix of Swedish historic and modern opulence.

The Bank Hotel building was built in 1910 and originally served as an office for Södra Sverige Banking. Over time, tenants came and went – most of the inhabitants were in the banking industry, although, according to the hotel’s website, a legal library once filled its walls. The building, which is now comprised of 115 guest rooms among five floors, is also home to three restaurants and an art gallery. The hotel also boasts views of the city and its archipelago.

Piggy Bank; Bank Hotel

In addition to the normal hotel offerings, Bank Hotel offers a few things that are unexpected. There is a hidden dining room, Chambre Separé, which has views of the city is only accessible through a secret stairway. There also is a signature dessert dish at Bonnie’s, one of the more public restaurants in the hotel: Piggy Bank is a meringue served in a chocolate piggy bank.

And if you needed anymore convincing, a writeup from luxury news outlet Robb Report exquisitely captures the essence of the rooms at Bank Hotel:

Brought to life by Swedish interior stylists Ida Lauga and Lo Biurlf, each features a palette of warm neutrals – think rich brown velvets, suedes, and marbles punctuated with pops of grass green and floral patterns – meant to help unwind from the sights and sounds of the city outside. Many also boast floor-to-ceiling windows, and the over-the-top Bank Extreme Terrace Suite features a sheltered balcony that runs its full length, offering up some of the best views of Stockholm and its archipelago from anywhere in the city.

The penthouse, aka the Extreme Terrace Suites, comes with amenities like in-room spa treatments, in-room dining trolley service with a private chef and VIP treatment at Stockhom’s finest restaurants and clubs. But if you’re looking for luxury on a dime, one night in its “Exquisite Suite” can push $400 a night during peak booking periods – but for the luxurious experience that awaits, can you really put a price on self-care? We say, treat yo’ self.

Read more about Bank Hotel on its website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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