Arrival from Sweden: Arriving Now

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Arrival from Sweden: Arriving Now

Our favorite ABBA tribute band, Arrival from Sweden, just wrapped up a U.S. tour.

The band visited Nebraska, Colorado, Washington, Texas and more. But lucky you: They’re coming back this Friday, Oct. 28, for more shows. We caught up with Arrival from Sweden’s lead singer Victoria Norbäck for a fun Q&A about her recent visit to America.

Tell us a highlight from the Sept. 27-Oct. 15 tour. Did you have a favorite show?vickysoft

I cannot say one [show] in particular. I will say all of them were just awesome. Fantastic crowds and almost all shows were sold out!

Best meal you’ve had on this leg of the tour?

Best meal was in Texas….The smoked BBQ meat/Beef….Fantastic! Yummy! Love it! And the Tex Mex food in New Mexico!

What sights did you see on the first leg?

We were very busy for almost four weeks, so the only chance we had to see anything was in the tour bus. And I LOVE all states in the U.S…This tour was in 11 states….Love them all. All states are like different countries. But I must say that Washington state is amazing with the landscape. So beautiful. Also New Mexico is amazing. And Texas and Colorado!!!….Wonderful! I love them all!

What is it like packing all of the costumes for the shows?

We always bring the clothes [as our carry-ons] with us on every flight to secure all the shows. We need to iron them before every concert to make sure they look perfect. We wash them after 1-2 concerts to make them clean all the time.

You have an upcoming cruise. What’s it like playing on a cruise ship?

We love it! We did a cruise last year, too. Just wonderful! Happy people, fun days and we have a chance to see some cities, too. And of course be on the sun deck to get a tan and relax! And shopping of course!

Arrival From Sweden will be in Arlington, Texas, this Friday and afterward will perform on a week-long Royal Caribbean cruise. Check out the schedule, here.

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