Celebrate Scandinavia’s Signature Spirit During Aquavit Week 2019

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Celebrate Scandinavia’s Signature Spirit During Aquavit Week 2019

A man at a bar is pouring aquavit into a jigger.
Jacob Grier, founder of Aquavit Week

From Nov. 10-16, bars, restaurants, distilleries and other establishments across the country will participate in the 8th annual Aquavit Week.

For centuries, Swedes and the like have been producing aquavit, a spirit typically distilled from potatoes or grains and flavored with caraway, fennel, citrus, dill and several other spices. The savory elixir is the national spirit of Scandinavia, according to Liqour.com, and fun fact: once was used for warding off disease. Today it’s simply enjoyed neat and in craft cocktails across the world.

In 2012, author and cocktail connoisseur Jacob Grier founded Aquavit Week as a way to raise awareness about one of his favorite spirits. The inaugural Aquavit Week was held in Portland, Ore., and over the years, celebrations have made their way to other cities across the country.

From hosting featured and educational events to dedicated cocktail programming and dinner pairings, there are a wide range of ways bars, restaurants and cities can participate.

If you’re a fan of aquavit, Scandinavian culture, craft cocktails or all of the above, find an event to celebrate near you. Here’s the lineup of some of the events happening during Aquavit Week 2019.

Portland, Ore.

  • Aquavit Week Opening Party at Broder Nord on Nov. 10 – attendees can enjoy more than two dozen aquavits and cocktails, Scandinavian fare and more. Get tickets here.
  • Snaps & Taps at participating bars from Nov. 10-16 – aquavits paired with special beers and ciders.
  • Nords & Cords Happy Hour at La Moule on Nov. 11 – gear up in your favorite cords and toast with aquavit for Corduroy Appreciation Day.


  • Aquavit Week at the American Swedish Institute on Nov. 13 – an educational event featuring aquavit distillers who will share the history and making of aquavit. Guests can enjoy traditional Swedish bites made to pair with aquavit. Get tickets here.

Washington, D.C.

  • Global Tour of Aquavit at Chef Mikko on Nov. 14 – Nordic fare, traditional and craft aquavits and more.
  • Lagom is the New Hygge at the Reading Room on Nov. 14 – an evening of aquavit cocktails and books alongside ABBA tunes and more.


  • Nordic Nightat Broadway Market on Nov. 15 – an aquavit tasting and educational event with beer pairings from Ratio Beerworks.

New York City

  • Nordic Night in New York at New York Distilling Co. on Nov. 15 – U.S.- and Scandinavian-made aquavits, drink specials on flights of aquavit and unique specialty cocktails.

In additional to these featured events, there are dozens of bars and restaurants from California to Kentucky celebrating Aquavit Week with drink specials and more. Find out if an establishment in your city is participating here, or for more information about Aquavit Week and any of its featured events visit Aquavitweek.com.

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