Appreciate the Peaks: 5 Ways to Enjoy the Scandinavian Mountains

Photo via Juho Holmi

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Appreciate the Peaks: 5 Ways to Enjoy the Scandinavian Mountains

With Sweden having some of the most beautiful mountainous areas in Europe, it is easy to see why travelers from all over the world flock there for some adventure. With stunning scenery, breathtaking drop-offs, northern lights, pristine waterways and a color palate that would make any artist drool, the mountains of Sweden are something to behold.

But how do you best appreciate them? By having their energy surround you of course!

Photo via andy_c
Photo via andy_c

From skiing to horseback riding and snowmobiling, Sweden is best experienced in the most tactile way possible. Get on skis, ride a horse, hike, climb, swim, camp… Do whatever you have to do, but get out of your cubicle, and get into the power and beauty of the Scandinavian mountains.

Mountain Biking

Whether you head to Åre Bike Park – a criss-cross of trails on Mount Åreskutan – or the Skatas Trail System in Gothenburg, mountain biking has become a huge sport in Sweden. With various trails for every level of professionalism and plenty of rental shops to get gear and bikes, Sweden in spring or early summer will take your breath away with some of the best mountain biking you’ll ever do.


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With nearly 400 hiking trails across the country, hikers have plenty of choices when it comes to finding the perfect hike in Sweden. These pristine trails are designed for multiple levels of difficulty and are clearly marked and dotted with 350 well-maintained hostels, mountain stations and huts, which assist hikers through their adventure.

Skiing and Snowboarding

It is a rare thing in the world to visit an alpine ski town founded more than a century ago and not have it packed to the rafters with tourists. During the winter months in Sweden however, it is a quieter, less intimidating skiers’ paradise. With a near-perfect ski climate, challenging terrain and space to breathe, Sweden has more than 150 listed resorts to choose from. While many cater to cross country skiing, the Scandinavian mountains hold their challenges for even the most trained downhillers.

Horseback Riding

With high-quality horse management and breeding – all abiding by strict regulations regarding animal welfare – Sweden boasts healthy, happy horses. Mountain trekking by horseback has become more popular over the years with trails running through the virgin forests in central and southern Sweden.

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When winter starts falling one flake at a time, there is no better place to enjoy the dense, overpowering silence of fresh snow than in the mountainous area. For adrenaline junkies, there is no better way to rip that silence open and gut it than with sweet scream of a snowmobile racing through virgin snow. So put on your thermal underwear, and go on a snowmobile safari!  See spectacular wildlife, test your skills and your will, but for those who want to do these type of mountain safaris, previous snowmobiling experience is required, especially for the Arctic Circle tours.

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