Americans Do Fika: Part Två

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Americans Do Fika: Part Två

To make our birthday celebrations last all week long (because, that’s the kind of people we are), we brought back office fika. The last time we did this, it took some getting used to for the Americans here. Coffee was spilled, and people didn’t leave their desks in time – but it’s amazing what a little practice can do.

Everyone was a seasoned pro this time around, and it was a welcomed reprieve to what has been a busy time around the office.

Each day, we brewed a pot (or a half pot, as some of us are trying to cut back) of Gevalia, and we had some sort of tasty treat. The first two days, we were overzealous and made or semi-homemade our treats: mini Princess Cakes and kanelbullar, aka cinnamon buns. Then we wised up.

In true Swedish-American style, some treats were more Swedish while others were more American. Yesterday, we walked over to a coffee shop around the corner and grabbed whatever was fresh and delicious-looking in the window, which ended up being some larger-than-life chocolate chip cookies, danishes and croissants, cinnamon roll-ups and other flaky treats.

Overall, our birthday fika week was a success. Everyone relished in the 15-to-30 minute break in the day, and people looked forward to the daily treat (which were often teased in the office group chat).

Here are some photos of our fika treats to drool over. Now, you’ll have to excuse us: We have a pastry to eat.




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