All Hail Avicii

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All Hail Avicii


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A breakout sensation in 2013 with his first studio album “True,” Avicii has topped the charts all over the world. Born as Tim Bergling, Avicii announced his retirement at the age of 26 earlier this year.

Here are some of his more memorable songs. Collectively, the videos for the songs below have amassed more than 2 billion YouTube views, led by “Wake Me Up,” which is nearing 1 billion views (957 million):

Levels  This is the song that made Avicii a worldwide phenomenon. It was a Sisyphean task by any definition, a theme of the video he made for the song. With a great beat and full of interesting but offbeat sounds, it makes for a great dance tune.

Seek Bromance – A prog-house song melded with dance beats, this song would ultimately chart at No. 2 in the Netherlands and in the Top 20 in Great Britain. It is a great mix of heavy electronic music and earthy soulful singing.

I Could Be the One (with Nicky Romero) – With a different tempo, Avicii distinguishes himself by thinking outside the box with this song. And the food scenes in the video are also great for a laugh.

Wake Me Up  Lyrics, this time, differentiate this Avicii tune. The beat is still there, but solid words make all the difference in the message he delivers.

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X You  Heavy on the keyboard, this song is not for the average Avicii fan but resonates with other types of fans across the musical spectrum. The drumbeat is still there, but the emphasis is on the melody. Hum along to yourself while dancing.

The Days  Straying from his electronic roots, Avicii uses a multitude of instruments to craft a true love song. He was only 25 when he wrote the song, and his reminiscences of days long past are still palpable.

The Nights  As a follow-up to the previous song, Avicii goes a little funky in his musical taste here and also shares his intellectual take on life, love and mortality as he fondly recalls his father. Undoubtedly, the sweetest song he has ever recorded.

Hey Brother – Just a solid song, which features vocals from Dan Tyminski of “Man of Constant Sorrow” fame.

Waiting for Love – One of his latest and most potent hits. The words are powerful even if they are somewhat obscured by the driving music that accompanies them.

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