Remember When Alexander Skarsgård Was In A Lady Gaga Music Video?

Screenshot from 'Paparazzi" music video

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Remember When Alexander Skarsgård Was In A Lady Gaga Music Video?

Can we all take a moment and reflect on the fact that Alexander Skarsgård, just one year into his breakout role in “True Blood,” made an appearance, dare we say performance, in Gaga’s 2009 “Paparazzi” music video.

Aside from Skarsgård himself, there are a couple other sneaky Swedish moments in the video.

First off, the music video is directed by Jonas Åkerlund, a renowned Swedish director and drummer. Second, the beginning of the video features dialogue between Skarsgård and Gaga. The language? Swedish.

The video opens with Gaga and Skarsgård getting quite cozy, exchanging kisses, conversation and more kisses. Then, using those chiseled muscles we all know and love, Skarsgård effortlessly swoops Gaga off the bed and onto the balcony outside. At first, we think it’s a romantic gesture, but then viewers hear the paparazzi cameras clicking and realize that Skarsgård has taken Gaga to the patio to get some exposure for himself.

A moment later, Gaga realizes it, too, insists that Skarsgård stop kissing her, and goes as far as punching him in the face. Skarsgård answers by throwing Gaga off the balcony – the obvious way to handle a lover’s quarrel. Skarsgård reappears closer to the end of the video, the two looking like a couple again, that is, until Gaga poisons his drink and he dies.

Because of the additional narrative, the music video is over seven minutes long, but it is a glorious, weird and early-2000s vibe that we fully get behind.

Back in 2016, Skarsgård answered some rapid-fire questions about “Paparazzi” on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live.” Some highlights of that interview? Yes, there was tongue. Yes, Lady Gaga was a great actress. (Hello, “A Star is Born,” Skarsgård called it.) Yes, he still has the eyepatch.

So happy birthday, Lady Gaga, and thank you for featuring one of our favorite Swedes in such a wonderfully odd music video.

Can we get another?

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