Aifloo Technology Allows Extensive Care from a Distance

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Aifloo Technology Allows Extensive Care from a Distance

The use of artificial intelligence has gone beyond the cheesy sci-fi flicks of Mystery Science Theater and now is a real part of our society. As its development becomes more advanced, integrating artificial intelligence, or “AI,” into everyday life has mixed reactions from consumers. While AI can be used in just about in every field of work, incorporating the technology can be controversial. Enter Aifloo – a Swedish-based company that’s created a product that may help transition AI smoothly into health care.

Aifloo’s product, Aifloo Mind, is reminiscent of an evolved version of the Fitbit. Targeting the senior community, the Aifloo Mind is a discrete, battery-operated band that uses AI to determine what a person’s usual habits and routines are and sends an alert to a caregiver when things aren’t going as usual.

“We are convinced this will change homecare fundamentally across the world by bringing peace of mind to families,” Aifloo founder Felix Etzler said.

Similar to the Fitbit, information from the Aifloo Mind is accessed through an app that can be downloaded to a phone or computer. The app allows caregivers to track what’s going on with their patient or loved one at all times and removes the need for constant in-person check ins.

The Aifloo Mind also can track the patient’s eating habits, activity level/mobility, sleep cycle/sleep disorder, emergencies and any major behavioral changes. The wristband also features a button that can be pressed if the patient is in danger and wants to send out an alarm.

The device is waterproof and lightweight, and the battery lasts for an entire year, features that allow the patient to wear the wristband at all times without being an intrusive part of their day-to-day activities.

“Our main target for Aifloo Mind is people that want peace of mind and don’t want unnecessary worries for their loved ones,” Etzler said. “Aifloo is launching the first product right now [in] 2017 and targeting senior facilities and nursing homes in the first step. [The] next phase is to offer our solution for the private market; elderly and their relatives and friends.”

The Aifloo office is located in Stockholm, and Etzler heads a team of 22 employees. The startup was recognized in April as one the top 33 most promising tech companies in Sweden by New Technology and Business World.

Aifloo is part of the “AI in Health Partners Alliance,” headed by Microsoft. The goal of the alliance is to “democratize AI and empower better health outcomes,” according to Microsoft.

The first set of Aifloo systems are projected to be installed in Sweden in September this year.

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