The 70- Mile Long Stockholm Gallery

Kungsträdgården metro station; Photo: Arild

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The 70- Mile Long Stockholm Gallery

Hallonbergen; Photo:
Hallonbergen; Photo: Jakub Hałun

If you want to truly take a magical journey through Stockholm while you are visiting, head to the nearest subway and prepare to be amazed!

Stockholm has built an impressive network of art created through a variety of mediums: paintings, sculptures and carvings. More than 150 artists, as highlighted by this piece in The Guardian, have left their mark beneath or above ground at 90 different stations stretching over 70 beautified miles.

Over the years, as the subway system has expanded, it’s become a living history of each passing decade. As you whiz by, you can see the diversity of styles and materials utilized throughout the years. Stockholm has gifted each generation of artists a new way to express themselves differently from artists of their past.

Thorildsplan; Photo: Stanpol

Constantly evolving since 1957, it’s a fun time to catch it all in a blur as you race by. But to truly experience the depth of the history, a tour with a Metro expert guide is the way to go. For those in a rush, ask about a stamped ticket to take in two stations in a one-hour tour.

Here are just a few of the names of the stations to visit: Solna Centrum, Stadshagen, Hallonbergen, Stadion, Thorildsplan, Kungsträdgården, T-Centralen and Fridhemsplan.

While pictures and video don’t do this incredible display justice, this one-of-a-kind artistic treasure will take your breath away. Seeing these pieces live is a great excuse to puff up your Instagram, so if you get the chance don’t miss it!

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