5 Ways You Secretly Might Be Swedish


5 Ways You Secretly Might Be Swedish

If you have Swedish blood flowing through your veins, you’re clearly aware of it.

However, if you’re not Swedish, have never been to Sweden and struggle to even find it on a map, you may still be Swedish “secretly.”

Here’s a quick check to uncover any secret Swede that may be lurking inside of you.

A Love for Seafood

No, Swedish Fish don’t count. The “Swedish fish” we’re talking about is smoked or marinated salmon, pickled herring, jellied fish, eel and crayfish. Swedes love seafood so much they often eat it first thing in the morning – and they never tire of it.

Photo via David Castor

You Prefer a Buffet

In Sweden, a smörgåsbord is a common affair. It’s a kind of buffet where small dishes, both hot and cold, are laid out on a table or counter so that everyone can take a little bit of everything. Common smörgåsbord foods include seafood (of course), roast beef, boiled potatoes and the world-famous Swedish meatballs.

Coffee and Cake

Seldom do Swedes invite each other over for dinner, but invitations to come over and have coffee and cake are quite common. Actually, the coffee is sometimes replaced by tea, juice or lemonade, and the cake by any form of pastry or even sandwiches.

Dinner is Formal

Photo via Hopefulromntic
Photo via Hopefulromntic

In Sweden, most people are rather informal in most situations, but dinner is not one of those situations. It’s rare to be invited to dinner, but if you are, you arrive on time – not early, not late. If necessary, you should sit outside in the car to time your entry to the exact minute. Always observe silverware etiquette, wait for your host to eat before you do and never leave anything uneaten on your plate (it’s very rude).

You Believe in the Motto “Everything in Moderation”

In many Western cultures, there is a high value placed on extremity. Anything more extreme is considered better. That is why people go sky diving and have hot pepper eating contests. Swedes are different. They avoid extremes and showiness and abhor boasting. They rarely become workaholics but don’t spend all their time on entertainment either.

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