3 U.S. retailers who satisfy your Swedish cravings

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3 U.S. retailers who satisfy your Swedish cravings

Some things are just better in Sweden. But, it can be tough to find your favorite Swedish items here in the United States.

Here are three retailers that import Swedish goodies stateside.

Photo: Willys Products

Willy’s Products Scandinavian Store

Craving some salted licorice? Or how about some Västerbottensost? Willy’s Products is a Nordic import specialty shop based in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., that offers Danish, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian meats, cheeses, snacks and candy. Willy’s will ship it to you. Head to its website to place an online order, and get your Swedish licorice fix!

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Your favorite Swedish children’s books sent directly to your home! When Swede and avid reader Madeleine Thalin moved to the United States, she realized it was difficult to find and purchase authentic Swedish books for herself, but more important, her two children.

Thalin created a website of imported Swedish children’s books providing Swedish-speaking children in the United States with the opportunity to practice and maintain their Swedish and learn about Swedish culture, history and more. The books are organized by age level, and her website makes it easy to place an order.

Photo: The Gift Box, Artwork: Kathy McParkland

The Gift Box

The Gift Box opened in 1947 when Edythe Anderson, a daughter of Swedish immigrants, wanted to open a store that offered the same Scandinavian items she loved and cherished as a child. Today, under the ownership of Hans and Maria Jönsson, The Gift Box continues to offer a wide selection of Scandinavian giftware – from clogs to crystal to cookware. If you’re driving through Geneva, Ill., be sure to make a pit stop at The Gift Box!

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