25 Thoughts We Had While Making A Princess Cake

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25 Thoughts We Had While Making A Princess Cake

We here at Umgås thought it would be fun to attempt to make the Swedish treat Princess Cake since it is, of course, Princess Cake week.

And, boy, we were unprepared the for the labor involved. There will be a video highlighting our journey soon, but for now, here are the thoughts we had while putting this sucker together.

  1. Let’s find a recipe for sponge cake that’s super easy. Oh look! Marcus Samuelsson, five steps, piece of cake (see what we did there)?!

  2. Marcus, you liar (we joke!). Step 5 actually had 2,498 steps.

    Step 5 (But actually step 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14)
  3. The recipe calls for one cake, but the pan didn’t fit all the batter… two cakes it is.

  4. Okay, sponge cakes are done, and they don’t look that bad. We’re getting some confidence back.

  5. Tasted some crumbs of the sponge cake. Dry as the Sahara Desert. Did we overcook it?

  6. Okay, time for pastry cream.

  7. Umm, is it supposed to get hard? Too much corn starch? We’re going to try again.

  8. It’s midnight. We’ve baked the sponges, and our second batch of pastry cream tastes good, but it definitely not right. Very lumpy. But it’ll do. We’ll assemble tomorrow.

  9. It’s assembly day! Time to feel like a Food Network star.

  10. Cutting a cake in half is kind of like cutting a really big bagel.

  11. Also, can we say you need to cut the cake hamburger style? Or is that throwing in too many food things?

  12. Thank goodness for store-bought raspberry jam.

  13. How much jam is too much jam? Not trying to make this look like a murder scene.

  14. Cake then jam then cake then custard. Call me the Swedish Chef.

  15. Now time to whip up some cream (which we have actually done before and feel very confident about).

  16. But how stiff should it be?

  17. Ugh, not confident anymore.

  18. Forgot to roll out the marzipan. What actually is marzipan? That’s a weird word.

    The more you know…
  19. Attempting to dye this marzipan green. But like a pleasant pea green – not Shrek green.

  20. No hands were turned green in the marzipan process. Counting that as a win.

  21. Rolling this out is a workout. Mental note to skip arm day at the gym.

  22. Time for the final assembly! Pile this bad boy sky high with whipped cream. And give this wonky dome it’s lovely green marzipan dress.

  23. Noticing that our marzipan looks slightly marbled? We’re going to pretend that’s what we were going for. It’s an “aesthetic.”

  24. But it actually looks like a Princess Cake? A slightly lumpy and bumpy Princess Cake, but pretty darn good for a first timer.

  25. And HOLD THE PHONE. It tastes like one, too! Cake is still a little dry though. Can’t win them all.


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