In the News: Five Things

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In the News

In the News: Five Things

Each week, our editors highlight a handful of Swedish stories that catch our attention.

Swedes Help Make a Britney Comeback

Britney’s new album “Glory” dropped today and you may be asking yourself, “Why is this in my Umgås news round-up?” Because we can. And a couple Swedish production teams, Mattman & Robin and the Wolf Cousins, contributed tracks to the album. Thanks for the heads up

ScanFest in Jersey

New Jersey’s 32nd annual Scandinavia Festival is back Sunday, Sept. 4 from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. at Vasa Park, 92 Wolfe Road. In addition to traditional Scandinavian food and music, the festival features a non-traditional wife carrying contest, reports the New Jersey Herald. Winner receives their wife’s weight in beer (and hopefully a gym membership?).

Poppin-up in Brooklyn

ICYMI: Here’s our preview of the Swedish Tobacconist in Brooklyn.

Swedish Fish Oreos, Strike Again

We finally found a person who likes Swedish Fish flavored Oreos. Don’t believe us? Read it in the Cap Times. Still gross though.

Everybody gets juice!

Marcus Sjogren stopped by the office in Karlstad, Sweden to pick up his smartphone charger and discovered the office’s juice delivery arrived. Problem: The office was closed for summer holiday and the juice would expire. Solution: Bike around town and make people dance for a juice. has the story. Juice, juicy, baby.

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