Our 10 favorite ‘Swemojis’


Our 10 favorite ‘Swemojis’

There’s an emoji for just about every food item, emotion, tool and animal. The list goes on and on. But what about the Swedish foods, traditions and animals?

Lucky for us, Wehay – a Swedish digital company – has created emojis that represent Swedish heritage and culture called Swemojis.


Who doesn’t love the daily Swedish practice of taking a break from the workday to recharge and socialize over a cup of coffee? It’s a good reminder that Americans should stop and take a breather, regardless of massive to-do lists and hectic daily lives. The Umgås staff even made an effort to incorporate this practice.




While Rebecca Black likes to get down on Friday, Swedes typically stay in, watch TV and eat snacks with friends, known as cozy Friday or Fredagsmys. Now that’s our kind of weekend plan.




Swedish meatballs

Everyone loves a good Swedish meatball recipe. We’ve shared several recipes from chefs across the country, but Meatballs for the People in Stockholm has mastered just about every meatball you could imagine.





We admit it, most of the Umgås staff has swooned once or twice over Zlatan Ibrahimovic and hearing about his season-ending knee injury made us shed a tear or two. Think back to happier Zlatan times with these gifs.




A delicious hybrid of two very different foods, kebab pizza was invented in Malmö and has made its way around the world, including a Swedish pizzeria in Santa Monica, Calif.




Princess Cake

A layering of sponge cake, custard and raspberry jam, sweet marzipan… need we say more? Princess Cake is the epitome of Swedish sweets and a favorite in our office.





Last summer, we learned all about this Swedish product at the Swedish Tobacconist, a pop-up shop dedicated to educating guests about snus. During our visit, Umgås had a chance to talk with Joe Ackerman, marketing director for General Snus, about the pop-up.




Waffle Day is one of our favorite days of the year. Rather than a sweet breakfast item smothered in syrup, Swedes enjoy these light and fluffy treats as a snack or dessert with whipped cream and jams.





A hot dog with mashed potatoes, salad and seafood salad all in a wrap. If you’re in Orlando, Fla., track down SwedeDish food truck for one of these authentic recipes on the go.




Pippi Longstocking

Last month, we shared seven reasons why this strong and independent little red head is the perfect role model for young girls around the world.

There are 90 different Swemojis that perfectly represent Swedish culture and heritage. Go check them out!


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