10 Alexander Skarsgård GIFs to Get You By

Alexander Skarsgard
Photo by Gage Skidmore.

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10 Alexander Skarsgård GIFs to Get You By

If your boss could pop in at any moment, you may want to flag this for later. While this article isn’t quite NSFW, he/she may wonder why you have a slo-mo clip of a shirtless Alexander Skarsgård on your monitor when there is actual work to get done.

It can be tough when it’s a beautiful summer day outside, and you’re sitting in your cubicle wrapped in a blanket because the A.C. is on blast.

To help take the edge off (and maybe warm you up a bit), here are 10 GIFs of one of our favorite Swedes. True Blood fans…we have a feeling you’ll love this trip down memory lane.

Hi, my name’s Ginger.


Got that right.


Volunteering as tribute!


The answer is yes.


The fans appreciate it.


Is it weird we’re not intimidated?


That eyebrow raise!


Ugh, if you insist.




…And we love you for it.

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