• A Q&A With ‘America’s Got Talent’s’ Chris Kläfford

    Monday and Tuesday nights have taken on a new meaning for Chris Kläfford. That’s because Kläfford, a 30-year old singer/songwriter from Ramsberg, Sweden has been standing in front of an audience of roughly 3,500 including the likes of Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union. And he’s not in Sweden anymore. He’s in Hollywood. At Dolby Theater, the […]

  • Skål Beer Hall Brings Updated Viking Traditions To Seattle

    The life of a Viking was tough, and a meat-centric diet and hearty beverages were key to fortify those Nordic legends. When you add in rough winter conditions – particularly in the region’s icy northern region – a hearty fire became the literal and figurative center of life for that era. The recently opened Skål Beer Hall recreates that warm […]

  • Hitch On With Swedish Gear From Thule

    No matter where you go, Thule wants you to bring it. And depending on who you are, that “it” might mean something different. It might be a bike or a board, a stroller or luggage, but whatever it may be, Thule has a solution to help you bring it where you need to go. Thule is the largest brand in […]

  • Not A Cake, Not Yet a Sandwich: Breaking Down the Smörgåstårta

    Everyone knows that person who doesn’t like birthday cake. Or sweets altogether. And while we feel like they are sad, sad people, they are still people and deserve to be celebrated, in a safe, savory way. This Swedish “treat” is part sandwich, part salad and part cake. And it just might be your ticket to pleasing your savory-loving friends. Americans, […]

  • Americans Try Swedish Delicacy Pickled Herring For Midsummer (And Some Gagging Ensued)

    Glad Midsommar! Celebrating Midsummer at an event near you or hosting a DIY party, complete with DIY flower crowns? Either way, you’re likely indulging in a delicious smörgåsbord! So is the staff at Umgås.  A common staple on a Swedish smörgåsbord is pickled herring. The jarred fish is so popular with Swedes and Scandinavians alike, IKEA sells multiple varieties, and […]

  • Turning It Up With Rocker Anders Osborne

    In 1985, a teenager from Sweden with an uncertain future but untapped potential landed in New Orleans. More than 30 years later, Anders Osborne is a New Orleans fixture, a singer, songwriter and rocker who has embraced the Big Easy and mixed its charm, beauty and eccentricities into his music. Although he was born in Uddevalla, Sweden, Osborne doesn’t know […]

  • Catching Up With Golf Legend Annika Sörenstam

    Just more than a decade ago, Annika Sörenstam walked off the golf course as a professional golfer for the last time. Since then, the indelible impression she left on the game has been matched by the impact she is making on the future of the game: Her ANNIKA Foundation provides opportunities in women’s golf while teaching young golfers the importance […]

  • Indulge With Swedish Gourmet Cookies From Unna Bakery

    NEW YORK – When Ulrika Pettersson was little, she spent summers sitting on the back of Grandmother Rut’s bike, cruising through Östersund with freshly-baked cookies in tow – making the journey to share the sweet treats with her grandmother’s friends. Winters, she remembers, were spent doing much of the same, but indoors. By the time Pettersson got home from school, […]

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