• Chef Fredrik Berselius’ Aska Fueled By Design, Service, People – And Hints Of Swedish Heritage

    In 2014, Fredrik Berselius made a decision with cosmic ripple effects beyond his Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. The acclaimed Swedish-born chef closed his restaurant Aska – drawing the name from the Swedish word for ashes – after being open for a year and a half. But what a year and a half it was: Berselius earned a Michelin Guide star, […]

  • Sofia Dickens: Building Emotional Intelligence In Kids Across The Country

    Swedish-born Sofia Dickens didn’t learn about social and emotional intelligence until she was in college at Harvard. Now, as founder of EQtainment and creator of the Q Wunder program – a show, app, toys and early learning curriculum – she’s helping young children across the country learn those important skills. “When I became a parent for the first time, I […]

  • Swedish-Born Helene Henderson’s Malibu Farm Eateries Showcase A Fresh, Local Smörgåsbord

    Swedish model-turned-restaurateur Helene Henderson’s Malibu Farm eateries continue to expand nationwide. Since opening her flagship restaurant on the Malibu Pier in 2013, her eateries, which embrace healthy and fresh ingredients, have opened in Lanai, Hawaii’s Four Seasons and most recently in Miami Beach’s Nobu Hotel. With more restaurant openings to come – at Newport Beach, California’s Lido Marina Village this […]

  • Maud Adams: The Modest Bond Girl

    Nearly 20 years ago, Maud Adams and her husband of a year visited an island in St. Vincent, where she met an aspiring writer who was on his honeymoon. Making small talk after introductions, she asked the writer what he did for a living and was interested in talking about writing because she was going to start writing a column […]

  • Making ‘Swedish Death Cleaning’ Part of My Life

    Editor’s Note: Our Umgås team sought to spend some time with author Margareta Magnusson on her bestselling new book, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, but she was so overwhelmed by the media response that she limited interviews early on. That’s OK. We thought it was more important to dig into the book and see what she has to […]

  • Meet Mike McCarron, The Man Behind Gamle Ode Aquavits

    Gamle Ode founder Mike McCarron never had tasted Aalborg Dild (dill) Akvavit until he worked as a cross-country ski coach in 2002 in Ísafjörður, Iceland. Intrigued by its taste, he looked for a bottle of dill aquavit when he came back home to Minneapolis but couldn’t find it anywhere. “I settled for another aquavit but it wasn’t the same,” he […]

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