• Meet Madeleine Vall Beijner, the Swede Who Kicks Ass in ‘Wonder Woman’

    “Wonder Woman” has taken the world by storm. The latest in a long line of superhero movies has proven as popular around the world as it has here in the United States, grossing more than $620 million worldwide. It also has a 92 percent rating, according to Rotten Tomatoes. Early in the movie – before she becomes Wonder Woman – […]

  • Nils Norén: Master Chef and Mentor

    Everything from Nils Norén’s perspective starts from the diner’s seat. A Swedish chef trained in the French tradition, Norén believes that every decision made in the kitchen has a consequence, but nothing matters if the dining experience doesn’t live up to his guests’ expectations. Because of that, he takes time to ensure every action in a restaurant – from the […]

  • Swedish Baby-Wearing Pioneer BabyBjörn

    The primal instinct to hold a baby close, to protect and keep them safe and warm runs deep in the veins of parents. It’s an innate feeling that has led to years of babywearing – only the vehicle for carrying a baby has changed over time. Whether you’ve had children of your own or not, you’re likely familiar with baby […]

  • Skateboarding brings economic, social benefits to Malmö

    Earlier this year we caught up with Malmo’s official skateboarding coordinator, Gustav Edén, to learn how the city partners with skaters to increase the local skateboarding scene. Today, skateboarding is widely accepted and even incorporated into the educational curriculum. There is a high school created “by skaters for skaters” called Bryggeriet school that aims to give students a more engaging […]

  • ‘Chew’ & A with Chef Marcus Samuelsson

    If you’ve picked up a food magazine or channel surfed to find a good cooking competition in the last decade, chances are you’ve seen or heard of Marcus Samuelsson. Samuelsson was born in Ethiopia and raised in Sweden, where he developed an affinity for cooking at a young age, joining his grandmother in the kitchen and learning to make dishes […]

  • ‘Weird Revelation’ Leads to Upton 43, One of the Hottest New Restaurants in the Country

    Minneapolis’ hot new Swedish-Midwestern restaurant Upton 43 had a busy first year, bringing in accolades locally as the Star Tribune’s 2016 Restaurant of the Year and nationally making USA Today’s Top 10 Best New Restaurants in America. And the leading restaurant industry publication Plate magazine even named the man at the helm, Chef Erick Harcey, as one of “30 Chefs […]

  • Denver Restaurant Serving up a taste of Sweden

    Growing up in Stockholm, Patrik Landberg recalls trips to harbors on both Swedish coasts, with the capital city hugging the Baltic Sea coastline and the southwest tip of the country stretching out to the North Sea. Decades later, what remains most vivid is the whiff of the waterside. As for the sights of fishermen bringing their daily catches, “You see […]

  • Fjällräven: Eco-Friendly Outdoor Gear (With an Adorable Mascot)

    It all started with a backpack. More than 50 years ago, Fjällräven founder Åke Nordin, from Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, created the shell to what would be one of the brand’s most iconic products, the Kånken backpack. Now active in 20 countries around the globe, with seven stores in the United States, Fjällräven continues to develop and innovate products and gear to […]

  • Old Ballard Liquor Co. Offers Taste of Swedish Aquavit

    When your Swedish host invites you home for a smörgåsbord, you know the table will be loaded with an array of traditional Scandinavian foods. You also should expect to see a few bottles of aquavit, each uniquely flavored differently – subtlety in some cases and aggressively in others – to accompany those food offerings. That’s because “aquavit is … a […]

  • Ice Time with André Burakovsky of the Washington Capitals

    For some of us, turning 17 meant ditching class, hanging out with friends and seeing just how much we could get away with without your parents taking away your car keys – if you were so lucky. But for André Burakovsky, turning 17 came with the decision to leave his hometown of Malmö for a career with the Washington Capitals […]

  • Swedish Singer, Entrepreneur Ulrika Making Name for Herself

    Sweden has given pop music more than its share of superstars. Next on the list very well could be Ulrika Lindström, known by most simply as Ulrika. At the age of 18, Ulrika moved from Stockholm to Los Angeles in search of pop stardom. A handful of years later – after several music labels and dashed dreams – her label […]

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